by Uncle Keith

In 2010, I grew my first chili pepper plant called a Black Cobra. It was fun learning how to grow a beautiful plant and cultivate it. The fruit output was more than I could handle so I started giving them away. As I gave away the black pods it received positive feedback on the taste and heat and I thought to myself “I needed to grow more the next year.”

The following year he grew Habanero, Jalapeño and more Black Cobra chilies, but this time I made salsa. It also the year I first heard of a chili called the Ghost Chili pepper. One day while at the Navy Exchange I found one on sale because it was not in good shape. The plant looked wilted and distressed plus it was late in the season. I saw this as a challenge and I decided to buy it and try to rescue it. Believe me, that chili took some work, but I was able to get a fair amount of fruit from the plant and made salsa with it. I took the salsa to my church on one of our Monday family nights and shared it with all who would eat it. Many people liked it and requested more. I had so much fun watching people eat my salsa while breaking out in a sweat with sniffles then ask for more. It was almost addicting. I was hooked. The chili bug had me.

I had officially became a chili head and I began to research chilies and decided to grow some of the hottest exotic chilies I could find. Chilies were starting to become a passion. In 2013 I bought my first Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Chocolate Habanero, Devil’s Tongue and other chili plants from Jim Duffy, local grower in Lakeside, CA he was a great help in advising me how to grow them. I also bought other chilies on line and had fun that summer. Although my first season was not as successful as I would have liked, I grew enough to give to my coworkers, friends and family.


In the fall of 2013, I made a hot sauce that I named Sweet Heat from a mixture of my 2013 harvest. It was an instant hit. My pastor and friends told me I should sell it, but I didn’t really have the drive to do that. I just wanted to have people like the sauce. In my profession, I work for a company that causes me to travel to Europe, Taiwan and Korea and I would take some to those locations and give to my coworkers as gifts. They too told me it was good and I should sell it. I also made some jellies that year for the holidays that were also a hit.

Early in 2014, I was at a point in my life where I felt I wanted to do something more with my life. My #1 passion is helping children and seeing them become strong Christian citizens. Knowing this, I prayed and asked God to give me a passion for something that I could use to help my church’s Children’s ministry. Little did I know that peppers would be the route.

In March of 2015, an opportunity presented itself to where my wife and I had an opportunity to open our own small shop at Pangaea Outpost in Pacific Beach. After much prayer and consultation with our pastor and business advisers we decided to open on Memorial Day weekend. We named the store Uncle Keith’s because of the strong ties that I have with many children in my church. My best friends daughter said I am like an uncle to many of the kids, so why not name the company that. I liked it and it stuck (thank you Melanie C.)

Uncle Keith's

Uncle Keith's is a Gourmet Foods Store located online and in Pacific Beach, California.

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