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Well it is that time of year for me. I know it is February, but the weather is nice (75F to 80F), so I am able to germinate my seeds in a paper towel then plant them, then move them outside during the day to grow.

This year I am trying to add some different types of hot chilies with the hope of making a unique sauce or jelly. Recently my boss told me of a chilie from Surinam named the Adjoema chilie. He told me that they are very hot and tasty. I was very interested so I began researching how to acquire the seeds. I was eventually located some seeds in Australia from the Hippy Seed Company. They were very responsive and sent the seeds right away I just hope they are really chilie seeds ☺, I don’t live in Oregon or Colorado (just kidding). I am in the process of germinating them and hopefully they grow and produce lots of fruit.

I love growing peppers! I enjoy the entire process from germination to harvest. This year I hope to grow about 15 varieties. Some are from the Philippines, Hawaii, India, Italy and other places.

If you are interested in growing exotic chiies, Here are a few companies that I have bought seeds or plants from and have had a great experience:

Refining Fire Chiles – The owner, Jim Duffy is awesome. He is local in San Diego County and I have driven to his site several time to see what he has. He takes his trade craft seriously and produces top quality. I have never had any of his seeds not germinate or his plants not produce (except when I did follow his instructions.…lesson learned…listen to Jim). I think he is the God Father of Chilies!

Tyler Farms – A simple and down to earth company. I haven’t visited them yet, but the have been very responsive to inquiries. Their seeds have germinated thus far and I’m very satisfied. They also re-posted my Instagram when I first opened my shop ☺. They are currently working on a chilie named the California Reaper. Yes I wrote California Reaper not Carolina Reaper. I bought some seeds and they are growing well. I’m taking a risk that they are not stable, but that is the fun part of growing something new.

The Hippy Seed Company – I like their website. It is clean and just makes you want to buy! They have an awesome selection of rare chilies and know their stuff.

Well, I gotta go. I will post more on my progress later.

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